Janna Brimer, Broker; was born in Rural Texas about 60 miles west of Fort Worth, where the west begins. Experiences growing up included helping her mother and father cut and bale hay, pick cotton, grow watermelons on the sandy soil of the Brazos River and ride pastures horseback to fix fence, work cattle, and just for fun. 

Sharing her knowledge of the rural way of life and helping others find their special spot of ground, is part of the unique service Janna offers to Clients looking for land. Helping owners find appropriate buyers for their land is only one of the services she offers the sellers. She listens to find out how she can help them achieve their goals while keeping them current on market conditions, values, and leads them to reasonable expectations.

'I'd rather turn down a listing than disappoint the Seller, if I don't believe I can achieve the goal they have set.'

Most clients become friends, because helping after the sale is a part of Janna's philosophy and is what has made Janna Brimer Realty successful for over 35 years. Buyers and sellers alike refer their friends to Janna, which is a great testimonial for the type service she provides.  She treats each client like a friend and neighbor, not a number.

Respect for the land and those who work and live in rural areas has been the foundation of her company.

'We are stewards of the land and it will be here when we are only a memory.'

Preserving our western heritage is a strong motivation when she is working for either buyers or sellers. Many of the farms and ranches sold by Janna Brimer Realty have been in the same families for 100 years which makes the job of finding the right buyer all the more important.  

'The people buying and selling have a love for the heritage of Texas and the land we all cherish. Our history and values come from this land we so proudly call home'

Janna has served her community in many ways throughout her career. Having established her company in Mineral Wells in 1978, she served the local Board of REALTORS as President and held several other positions. Honoring the ethics of The Texas Association of REALTORS is one more reason for the success of the company. She has chaired and served on numerous civic committees and has maintained her status as a REALTOR since the beginning of her career. She moved to the DFW Metroplex in 1988 where she and her husband served the community and worked for 25 years. She has served on the city zoning commission, task force committees, and as a leader in her children's school parent teacher organizations. She frequently serves on charity committees to help raise funds for a good cause.  Janna and her husband Kim Brimer, moved to their ranch in Palo Pinto County in 2005 where Janna has her office and continues to help both buyers and sellers with purchasing or selling ranch property. 

Senator Kim Brimer, who represented Fort Worth and many of the suburbs surrounding Fort Worth in District 10, has been a client as well as Janna's husband and partner. The Brimers frequently buy and improve rural land believing in the product Janna sells, as one of the best investments a family can make. Their 5 children, 4 son-in-laws, 1 daughter-in-law, all graduates of Texas Universities, 10 grandchildren, and 1 great-granddaughter and they all love to meet at the ranch and enjoy the great outdoors together. The appreciation of the hard work it took to settle Texas and tame the land so we humans could survive continues to be instilled in all their children and grandchildren.

'Owning and operating farm or ranch land are the best ways to teach kids common sense, the value of hard work, and self esteem. Solving a problem with a piece of baling wire and your own two hands is a gift children with country experience can appreciate and they learn RESPECT for nature and other people.'

Janna Brimer Realty is headquartered in Palo Pinto, Texas, on the SO 40 Ranch and the area she serves is generally west of Fort Worth, south of Wichita Falls, east of Abilene, and north of Waco. Of course, if it is in Texas, she will market it for an owner or find it for a buyer.


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